TOP 5 Podcast recommendations for school business professionals

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Here are my top 5 podcast recommendations for schools business professionals.

Geoff Barton’s ASCL leadership podcast

Start by listening to the June 2019 podcast, where ASCL general secretary Geoff Barton talks to Sean Harford, Ofsted; Dr Fiona Creaby, Manchester Metropolitan University; Louise Hatswell, ASCL Pay & Conditions Specialist; and Stephen Tierney.

Squiggly Careers Podcast

This podcast is hosted by the founders of Amazing If, Sarah Ellis and Helen Tupper. I would recommend listening to Episode 84 ‘How to coach yourself’, which will give you ideas on coaching yourself and using coaching circles, which would work well with colleagues, and/or with a pair or small group of school business professionals.

I also enjoyed Episode 97 ‘How to use your emotions at work’, where they interview Mollie West Duffy, the co-author of ‘No Hard Feelings’. I found the idea about differentiating between facts and feelings at work could be helpful.

In Good Company Podcast

This podcast comes from Otegha Uwagba who wrote ‘Little Black Book – A toolkit for working women’, and contains an interesting range of interviews with successful women sharing practical advice and smart ideas.

The SBL Podcast

This podcast is one to watch, as it is hosted by the brilliant Emma Gray. There are two episodes so far, the first on what your school business leader can do for you and the second covers the SBM Steps Challenge.

Work Life a Woman Podcast

If you enjoyed reading Mary Portas’s ‘Queen of Shops’ recent book, then you will enjoy this podcast as it covers similar themes. This podcast is exactly as you would expect pithy and direct.

Let me know in the comments below which are your favourite podcasts.