Nurture 2017/18 – finding my wings

This post is my contribution to the WomenEd blog challenge Nurture 2017/18, with my story of how I found my wings…

I started 2017 as a school business manager in a single maintained school, with a newly set up blog with a couple of posts on it.

I am ending the year as a NASBM Award Winner and a Finance Director of a Multi Academy Trust.

So much has happened in 2017. It has been a significant year of change for me, that has given me some of my proudest moments, but has also had some great challenges too.

I am… these are two powerful words and the choices that you make about what follows these two small words describes reality as you see it.

This how I see my reality and are the achievements that I am proud of from 2017:

1. I am.. immensely proud of receiving a NASBM (ISBL) CEO Award in November, in recognition of my work as a school business professional. It was a wonderful surprise and I treasure it. I want to give my heart felt thanks to Windmill Primary School, who allowed me to become the business leader that I am.

2. I am.. braver and I am showing it. This year I have published 34 blog posts on my own blog and I have had 12 pieces published. I have written things about myself in some posts that I didn’t think I would ever share. Thank you to FundEd, Education Executive, NASBM, Primary School Management and MTPT Project for giving me the opportunities to write for them.

3. I am.. grateful for the support and encouragement I received, that helped me to have the courage to apply for a new position (my first since 2011!!) and to get it.

4. I am.. dedicating regular time to development and research. This year with support from a number of school business professionals I set up the SBM Reading List. I have read 12 books myself in the last 6 months.

5. I am.. putting myself out there more and continually challenging myself to do things that scare me a little bit (sometimes a lot!). Through that I have found my voice and my confidence. Even doing a vlog at the West Midlands WomenEd Event.

I am ending 2017 feeling proud that in my own small way I have made a difference. I found my wings and I have started to use them.

But..  I am also feeling tired and full of cold.

Professionally 2017 has been epic, but I must not neglect my health and wellbeing.

On to 2018 and I hope that I can use my wings to fly..

1. I want to be.. braver by continuing to write and to be part of writing a book for school business professionals

2. I want to be.. aspirational by finding a coach

3. I want to be.. the change for business professionals through collaboration and championing

4. I want to be.. healthier and more balanced by managing my work life balance. That needs to include saying no sometimes

5. I want to be.. relentless in living the objectives that I wrote for myself before I started the new post in September, which were inspired by reading Jo Cox – More In Common by Brendan Cox… to be principled, focused, respected, inspiring and effective

We don’t know what challenges and opportunities lay ahead, but we can be ready for them.

I am, are you?

#BeTheChange #Nurture1718

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  1. What a great year, Hayley – not surprised you feel proud! I hope 2018 is another excellent year for you, and that we get to meet!

    Happy New Year!

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