The NASBM Fellowship – why you should apply now!

Because, the profession needs you!

Since being successful in becoming a NASBM Fellow, I’ve been asked about it a number of times. Often school business professionals that I speak to are interested in applying but they are not sure.

I will admit that I was unsure about going  for it, thinking that there were practitioners who were far more deserving of it than me.

I was watching Dragon’s Den last night and one of the contestants said one of her reasons for coming in to the den, was because all the Dragons were better than her. I was surprised by the strong response from Deborah Meaden to this statement. It came across a little strong but the sentiment was a wonderful reminder that we shouldn’t think that other people are better than us. Perhaps more experienced or knowledgeable, but never better. We each have our unique set of qualities.

I decided to apply for the NASBM Fellowship after having a conversation, with the lovely Helen from the NASBM HQ Team. We talked through the different elements and Helen prompted me with questions, which I explored to see if I was able to demonstrate the level they expect to see.

I knew I had the required qualifications (L6), as I had qualified as ACCA the previous year. I also had the relevant experience, having been an School Business Manager, who was very much part of the Leadership Team, since January 2012 and prior to that I was a schools finance officer with a local authority.

But I wasn’t so sure about supporting the profession…

After some discussion, I realised that there are many ways that we can support the profession and our peers, for example: writing for educational publications (such as The Voice, Education Executive, FundEd, Primary School Management, Schools Week, etc), actively using a Twitter account for professional purposes; involvement in leading or being part of local SBM Groups; delivering training; blogging; presenting at conferences; being part of working groups or strategy panels and mentoring/coaching aspiring SBMs.

I realised that I was doing lots of these.

If you are thinking about applying now is a really good time as NASBM transitions to institute status. NASBM have said they will transfer across existing fellows.

If you are interested in applying download the application and go through each section, put down some bulletin points for each one:

The deadline for the current application round is 30 September, so don’t delay.

My advice is to go for it!