Why staff induction must be high priority

For many business managers the summer break is golden time, where we get on top of our workload and plan for the year ahead.

This includes planning for the new starters that will be joining the school at the start of term.

How you treat your new starters is really important. The time and effort that you invest in them sets the tone for their employment with you.

From a financial point of view, around 80% of the school budget is invested in staffing costs and it is vital that we support our employees with the essential resources they need to succeed.

Talent acquisition and retention need to be high priorities for school leaders. If you think about the costs of recruiting, interviewing and appointing it is an expensive process.

Schools will often put in a lot of thought into designing recruitment processes to ensure they appoint the best candidate, but then very little thought goes into ensuring they get the best start.

A high staff turnover is financially draining, both in terms of cost and time.

Think about all the effort that goes into ensuring that children get the best induction to school when they start each September, setting out expectations and building relationships, ensuring that they feel safe and secure in there environment.

We need to put the same care into inducting new adults too.

Coming up next… will be a blog post about staff induction (including a handy list of induction ideas).