Who am I and what I do

It’s the little things in life that are important.

Who am I?

Three small words, forming a question that has so many ways to be answered.

I am a wife, new mum, sister, devoted aunty, daughter, friend and colleague. Family is super important to me. I am a qualified chartered account and currently working as a primary school business manager. Last year, I was accepted as a Fellow of the NASBM, I am very proud of this achievement.

Education has been a big part of my life, obviously as a child, but also through my twenties. University wasn’t a possibility for me after college. I worked weekend and evening jobs from a young age and went straight in to a full time role from college. It wasn’t that I didn’t have ambition, it was that I didn’t have the finances to go. Looking back I think my college lecturers could have done more to support me in exploring options, but I don’t regret the path I have taken. I got myself a finance position and studied at the same time. Completing the AAT qualification, then the ACCA qualification and the CSBM. Also, getting married, buying a home and having two wonderful children along the way.

Simple things!

Mummy time, collecting leaves on a late Autumn sunny day, priceless.

I love the simple things in life, spending time with loved ones, trips to the beach, long walks, nice foods, reading a good book, collecting leaves with my little ones!

Making a difference to outcomes for pupils, in particular those from disadvantaged backgrounds, is what drives me. Someone has to be on their side. It is why I took on the volunteer director role for the OAKS Charity, a nursery provision and fundraising organisation based in Herefordshire. The team work really hard and the most recent Ofsted inspection for one of the settings was ‘Outstanding’ across all categories.

But, I suppose all of that doesn’t really tell you much about me…

Using the MBTI structure I am an ISTJ type, no wonder I am an accountant and a business manager, very typical professions for my personality type.

Using the Nigel Risner analysis, I am a Lion. My view of the world is, this is what needs doing, follow me, we are going to get done, come on there is not time to waste!

Using Nigel Risners model, I am a Lion, but I am a friendly one!

I believe in the power of actions far more than words. I also believe in embracing change and looking for new ways to do things. It is impossible to make progress without change. I am firm believer that everything you do needs to have an impact otherwise why are you doing it?

I am a glass half full sort of person, I don’t dwell on the past or who is to blame when something goes wrong. I focus on what we are going to do to sort the problem and to prevent it from happening again in the future.

This may seem sad to some, but I like being audited. I experienced undertaking statutory audits for charitable companies in a previous role, the process doesn’t scare me. It is an opportunity for someone external to review processes and procedures, in order to make recommendations for improvements.

What I do…

I like to understand people, who they are, what they do, what drives them… it helps me to understand what they need and expect from me. When I work on absence management with a member of staff, it is really important to listen and understand any issues that are affecting their attendance at work. Once you understand the underlying issues or problems; you can then get to work on actions and providing support.

Often simple changes will make a big difference, such as purchasing adapted equipment; but you can’t get to that point if you aren’t good with people.

I’m definately not an extrovert, but I do love meeting new people and the opportunity to have new experiences. If you ever meet me, I do ask lots of questions, but it’s because I am genuinely interested!

#BeTheChange #BeKind