Improve your productivity

Improve your productivity. Make a positive impact everyday.

We don’t always want or have time to read lengthy blog posts, so I thought I might share an  occasional mini blog, here is my first with my views on improving productivity. Let me know what you think.

Those working in school business management are the ultimate multi-tasker who can morph in to a different role at a moments notice, we are the enforcer, the listening ear, the nurse, the presenter, any number of essential roles to keep the school running well.

How do we do it all? Planning, preparation and organisation, with a continual drive and commitment to improve. We don’t want to hear “well its always been done that way“, we do want to hear “lets give it a go, we don’t know unless we try“.

Focusing on working smarter and embracing technology.

So, I have to tell you about my favourite productivity tool… Microsoft OneNote

It is fabulous. It has been used in the commercial world for a while. I think a lot of us in education have been a bit slow to take it up.

If you want to cut down the number of files, be more organised, please, please, please give it a go. By using it on a mobile device, you have all your planning information to hand, without needing a wheeled suitcase every time you want to work away from the office.

Getting started

We all have different ways of working. The way that worked for me, was not to try to populate my workbook all in one go. I set aside small amounts of time, 5-10 minutes where I drop in a reference document or some information. You can use the print function too, to send information to your workbook. I have pages with documents, a to do list, a planner section, where I add daily, weekly, monthly, termly and annual tasks. Building up a Business Management electronic handbook.

I have always been an organised person, although I have found having children has challenged even my amazing skills (for those of you who have watched Friends my husband has called me a Monica on more than one occasion!), using OneNote has taken it to a new level. The administration team I work with are also starting to use it and we are all learning.

To make a change you have to do something different. Give it a try.


PS. if you are already using OneNote, please share your experience in the comments, I would be interested to know what structure others are using.