Have you heard about the #MTPTproject?

Take a look at the #MTPTproject

The #MTPTproject

The MTPTproject is fairly new, but is a really interesting concept. From what I have seen and read so far they have some really interesting ideas and I think they are one to watch and follow. If you read their Twitter bio their focusĀ isĀ “Empowering parents to complete CPD whilst on parental leave. Education and family focused. Working towards gender equality“. I like what I have seen, so I agreed to write a guest blog post for them and have pledged my support.

Here is a little taster of what I wrote for them…

Foster a family friendly culture

Schools with family friendly cultures and policies, make it easier for their employees to more easily balance work and life; in order to fulfil their obligations.

It is widely recognised that family friendly policies boost morale, along with improving productivity and commitment. It can also play a key role in attracting and retaining talented individuals. All part of creating and maintaining a positive brand.

What if we were better a supporting working parents/carers?

Are your SLT approachable? How would you react if a member of your team asked to bring their child to a meeting?

Do you need to improve the morale in your organisation?

Reflect on your attitude to dealing with family related matters. Then review the policies and procedures that you have in place, consider…

That’s a little snipet, to read the full post please use the link below:


Follow them on Twitter: @maternityCPD