EdExec Live (North) 2017

Take control of your professional development

As a School Business Manager (SBM) it is absolutely essential that you make time to get out of your school. Schools can become insular places and the SBM role can be a lonely one. Building a network of contacts and attending CPD events is vital. Where it is feasible from a time and money point of view, I like to attend at least one event per term.

This week I had the pleasure of attending my first Education Executive Event. It was also the first time that I have attended an event with a colleague. It was great to be able to make the most of the workshops by going to different ones and then feeding back the highlights to each other.

I thought I would share with you a few of my highlights from the day…

SBM Consultancy – Key Note Speech

First up was Graeme Hornsby from @SBMconsultancy, I have heard him speak before and I could listen to him talk all day. He has a pragmatic and honest style that I really like. He shared his views on the current education landscape, whats ahead and where school business management sits in the picture. There were plenty of thought provoking messages. I like his mind set that as a Business Manager our focus should be on being among the best, not being the best as an individual.

That’s where the teams we create in our school or multi academy trust are so important. It has made me reflect…

How much support do I give my team?

How much focus do I give to their professional development?

When you are recruiting for new people do you get the old job description out or do you start with reviewing the tasks and skills to identify the gaps?

Within my team we have developed a model where each person has key areas that they are responsible for and we develop improvements as a team, to make the school the best it can be.

Schools and MATs need to have good school business management, not necessarily school business managers.

Lisa Bower – School Marketing

@LisaBower presented a useful workshop on School Marketing, including sharing some personal accounts of what has worked for her school and some of the challenges they have faced. Her views on social media were thought provoking for me… which are the right platforms to go for? What communication you can control?

Micon Metcalfe – Collaborative Purchasing

The workshop from Micon Metcalfe (@MiconM), was one that I was looking forward to, as an avid follower of her twitter account. She didn’t disappoint. Her workshop focused on Collaborative Purchasing was informative and provided some good tips that I will be following up.

EdExec hold regular events through the year, so keep an eye out for one taking place near you.

This event followed the recent launch of the new EdExec website, for which I recently wrote a piece, on maximising school budgets and generating income. Take a look and let me know your feedback, I am always looking to improve.



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