The importance of smiling

The importance of smiling

This week we celebrated the Stars in our School, with a pupil and parent takeover of the staff star of the week nominations. We invited familes to vote for any individual or team from the support staff, who they felt deserved to be recognised as a star in our school.

The best part about doing this was that the idea came from a conversation with one of our Cover Supervisors, over a lunch time duty, when she mentioned that another school were doing a tea party, as part of the Unison Stars in Our Schools event on Friday 25 November.

We decided on four special awards for our celebration:

* Shining Star
* Star Team
* Rising Star
* Unsung Hero

I was completely blown away by the number of nominations received; and the wonderful reasons that were written on the voting slips. I hadn’t anticipated such a great response. As it’s the first time, we had kept it low key, putting a note on the back of weekly newsletter and sending home a blank nomination slip. The admin team did a great job of getting this done and ordering the trophies in time for the event,

We had so many nominations, that I had to recruit a member of staff and a Governor to sort the them and decide on the winners!

I read so many nominations, where pupils wrote comments like: she is always smiling, she is nice to me, she helps me with my learning… it reminded me of two very important things:

1. I work along side a very special group of people
2. That it is so important to smile and greet pupils in positive way. For some children, sadly you could be one of the few people who provides a positive influence in that young persons life. Of course I wish whole heartedly that it wasn’t the case.

“She always keeps a smile on her face”

We bought some small but tasteful trophies for the winners. Our Deputy Headteacher did a great job of celebrating the winners and read out some of the nominations.

Our winners of the 2016 Stars in our School are…. (Drum roll)…

Shining Star – Mrs Kemp

Mrs Kemp is one of our experienced Cover Supervisors, who is clearly adored by the pupils, from all the lovely nominations she received

Star Team – Intervention Team

The Intervention Team works really hard supporting individual and groups of children with behaviour and learning needs. A very proud moment for our Deputy Headteacher to see her Team receive this award.

Raising Star – Mrs Carter

Mrs Carter is a wonderful Cover Supervisor who has made a great impact on the pupils she works with and has a bright future ahead as a teacher.

Unsung Hero – Mrs Thompson

Mrs Thompson is our Facilities Assitant and who works so hard in all weathers to keep the school tidy and looking great. She is one of life’s treasures. It was lovely talking to her at the end of the school day, her mum was so proud she asked if she could keep the award for the weekend. How wonderful is that!

Our Catering Team got involved by baking some lovely plain and chocolate star shaped biscuits for the staff. A lovely gesture.

Just before the end of the day, we went round and handed envelopes to the staff nominated containing their nominations, I think it’s really important that they got to see the wonderful things that pupils and parents ahead taken the time to write.

I heard a couple of negative comments about doing it, but I am not going to dwell on those. Because… I believe that positivity is infectious and a positive can do attitude can help you overcome any challenge. Don’t dwell on the negative, concentrate on how to put things right or how to make things better.

Remember to smile. Remember to say thank you. Remember to take time to listen.

If you notice a colleague going that extra mile, take a minute to send their line manager an email to let them know what a great job they are doing.

I hope I get the opportunity to do this again next year. I also hope that celebrating all staff in our schools becomes part of the annual calendar. They deserved to be recognised and appreciated.

Be the change. Be the positive.